My Geometry Dash Level Showcase

This page is a dedicated area to where I post my completed levels or noteworthy projects I've made in the game Geometry Dash. You'll see levels I made for the 1.6 GD Private Server, really cool layouts and old levels I made for the current version, etc. This page is ordered with the most recent at the top.


Goldenrod: 1.6 Level || White: 2.1 Level || Light Blue: Unfinished Project


August 17, 2021

1.6 ID: ???? 2.1 ID: ?????????

Azaghal was made with the intention of participating in the 1.6 GDPS's Melo contest, a contest dedicated to a well-known creator in our small community who had left the game for higher pursuits, where we had to create a level in his style. I took a slightly different approach and made a more developed take on his style, mixing his simplistic designs with my own complex flair, on top of memory gameplay which Melo normally wasn't known for. Originally, I had made this level only 35 seconds as that's typically how long Melo made his level, but by popular demand I extended Azaghal with the hopes that it would be Magic rated (1.6's equivalent of an Epic rating but with better standards), though because I didn't add much of substance, it remained as a Feature. Still a really cool and fun level, it's something outside even my comfort zone with creating, and it got 2nd place in the contest, falling short of the highly anticipated and Magic-rated Celestial Surge.

Skill Issue II

August 15, 2021

1.6 ID: 5890 2.1 ID: 72618446

Skill Issue II is a 1.6 Memory Demon Megacollab, a direct sequel to my first memory level Skill Issue (and it's remake Skill Issue Remaster), where my goal was to make the hardest memory level on the 1.6 GDPS. I had planned just to make it a small collab between 3 friends, Me, Lunar, and Rofl, but since Rofl dropped the collab early on, I decided to open the collab to the rest of the 1.6 community, so long as they were good at creating and could make interesting memory gameplay. Over the span of a month and a half, we worked hard to create this masterpiece. As of writing, this currently stands at #7 on the 1.6 Demon List, below Phumper II by Phalexx and above Kill Machine by KKG. It's learny, but super fun and it gets consistent after a while, however it is rather unplayable due to 1.6 lagging like crazy at Lander's part, which truthfully is a bit unoptimized and bloated at 15,000 objects over his 12-second part (it doesn't lag on 2.1, but on 1.6 my phone drops to 3 fps which is impossible to play with.) Currently my hardest level both beaten and verified as of Sept 23, 2021.

Awesome Collab Participants for Skill Issue II

Elise/Lunar, DShifter, Lander, Evnos, Meph, Polio, AuraXalaiv, Starsign, Supershape, DShifter again for the End Screen.

Skill Issue Remaster

July 30, 2021

1.6 ID: 5486 2.1 ID: 72003638

Skill Issue Remaster is a remake/decoration update to my level Skill Issue, made of 17,000 objects. Every part gets new decoration except for the ending, where the end was merely extended to include "REMASTERED!" as a gimmick ending on top of the gimmick ending. This level includes a secret that only true gamers will appreciate :)

Alphabet Q (Preview)

July 6, 2021

NO ID: The level is unfinished.

Alphabet Q is my entry to the 1.6 GDPS's Alphabet Series, where this series is a remake of the old main-server Alphabet Series where people each make a level named "Alphabet" with whichever letter they choose. Alph Q is the hardest level in the 1.6 Alphabet series, being an extreme demon with severeal 60hz frame perfect clicks and many annoying, difficult timings. In fact, even Rofl, verifier of the current 1.6 top 1 Forbidden Forest, argues that it will be the hardest level in the 1.6 server if verified in its unnerfed state. As of Oct 4, 2021, there's only 25% of the level left to be decorated, I'm just being slow about it as I have other projects to attend to. This level should be fully decorated soon...

Skill Issue

June 10, 2021

1.6 ID: 5890 2.1 ID: (Robtop'd from server)

Skill Issue is my first memory demon created for the 1.6 server, made as a joke because "Skill Issue" was a popular meme in our community at the time, and I thought it would be funny if a memory-based level was named after something that it isn't. Turns out, this is still harder than expected, even though I thought it was 8* upon verification. Still a good level imo, I remade this anyway to get some version of this rated. Coincidentally, I made this at the same time I made Aneurysm, and I verified these on the same day.


June 10, 2021

1.6 ID: 4639 2.1 ID: (Robtop'd)

Aneurysm is a 1.6 remake of Heartbeat by KrmaL, made in a 3-day grind session (on an APK loaded to Bluestacks, so I didn't even make this on 2.1) to create this masterpiece. Not much to say besides I poured a lot of time and effort recreating every section as best as I could with the limitations I had. Created this at the same time as Skill Issue, but I verified this literally an hour before Skill Issue.

Deadly Adventures

May 31, 2021

1.6 ID: 4335 2.1 ID: 70150897

Deadly Adventures was my entry to the server's Creator Contest at the time, where contestants were to remake the main levels into the "Deadly Clustep" theming, or essentially just remaster the old main levels. However, of the two participants who submitted anything, neither one of us really followed those rules so we just did our own thing. I ended up winning the contest because the other submission wasn't exactly the best. I believe this is my first really good level, because it incorporates a lot of new ideas and funky quirks that keep it interesting all throughout, from the slanted ball gameplay towards the front to the effect in the memory towards the end. Fun level!

The Joke

April 10, 2021

1.6 ID: 2708 2.1 ID: (Robtop'd)

The Joke was my first-ever full 1.6 level, I made it to poke fun at the "Levels must be at least 35 seconds long to be able to receive a rate" rule because I thought it was absurd at the time (I no longer hold this opinion, tbh I think the requirement should be longer, but anyway). It was given high praise for it's decoration, and it would have received a feature, however the gameplay was absolutely garbage, and not in a good way. Lots of clicks were extremely tight, and gaps weren't forgiving either.

OGCore (Preview)

January 9, 2021

NO ID: Unfinished

OGCore was my attempt at a modern 1.9 core style, throwing a bunch of random junk and stuff at the wall to see what stuck. It has 2.1 gameplay, but only uses 1.9 features with the coloring and decoration. Since decorating was so dense and rather spur-of-the-moment for me, decorating OGCore quickly burnt me out, and nowadays I'm unsure if I'll ever complete this level.

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