Hello! Welcome to DShifter's Place!

Most of what you'll find here is my crappy art I either make on my computer or sketch out when I'm bored out of my mind, lol. There's still a lot to discover though, so take a look around.

Just a heads up to anyone browsing here while I'm still editing and finalizing a bunch of stuff on here: Some of the links on my site don't quite work yet! I'll get to them when I can.


Just in case you're using mobile and the header is unusable lmao. There's also some stuff I'd rather keep separate from that so here they are too.

= About Me =

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Lmao I like to think I don't have much of an online presence but I do.

Discord: DShifter#8452 (I'm most active here!)

Newgrounds: Here! (Note that I'm not very active here...)

Twitter: @RealOmegaDSR

Neocities: Here!

Email: dev.dsr211@gmail.com


I only have two fursonas, but I think it's important to make some pages to show them off anyway. Will likely add other characters as I create them.

= Omega the Protogen =

= Nammur the Goat =


I am apart of the Yesterweb Webring, a webring of cool and interesting Neocities and Miscellaneous sites dedicated to keeping the personalized web vibe alive!

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