DShifter's Random Password Generator

Length Setter

Some passwords may be generated too short, I can't figure out why that happens. You can check the length of anything generated here.

The average password is between 8 and 10 characters long. For most online accounts, that's all you need to keep others out. However, most people neglect one simple aspect of passwords, that is that the more jumbled it is, the harder it is to crack. Most people make their passwords easy to remember and reuse them across multiple sites so its easier to remember their key to everything, but that means that if one of the sites they use gets breached, it means that their one password they use for everything is now a weapon against all their data. With my tool to create longer, more secure passwords, I want to help minimize the issue of short, unsecure passwords by letting the user randomly generate their own based off of password length and what types of characters they want in it. So, feel free to use any random password this page generates! None of them are logged here anyway.