The Official 1.6 GDPS Demonlist

The 1.6 GDPS Demonlist is the official ranking of the 1.6 GDPS' hardest demons!

Each submitted record on the list is manually accepted or rejected by list staff!

Level Completion Rules

List demons from 1.6 can be completed on any version of Geometry Dash (1.6 - 2.113) as long as no gameplay and little decoration is changed.

(Your recording must have either clicks or mouse / face cam! If playing with FPS bypass, the maximum is 360 FPS. If playing with 360 FPS, you MUST use an FPS counter, 300 FPS and under does not have to).

Level Verification Rules

There are one of two ways a level can be verified on the 1.6 GDPS to be added to the list:

Method 1: Self Verification | If you've made a list level yourself, w/ verification video proof! Submit it to #record-submissions.

Method 2: Hired Verification | If you've made a list level yourself and you want another player to verify it for you, your verifier is allowed to verify it on either the original 1.6 GDPS or on current GD (2.113) (If on 2.113, it will be re-uploaded by staff)

All list demons must have legitimate verification proof in the form of a verification video.
If a verification video isn't available within the first week, it will be removed from the list!

Record Submission Rules

Records must follow Completion rules!

Records can be posted onto YouTube or Twitch and be uploaded into #record-submissions.

Your demon can only be added to the list if it was built with the intent of being on the 1.6 GDPS.

(Anyone posting illegitimate records will have all their records removed from the list and will be banned from the list!)

Creator Permisions

If you are the owner of a list level, you can pick whatever "%" you want for records to qualify for the level!

By default, it will be given a standard percent, however. If you would like to change it contact any list staff member to a percent you want.

More Info

Demons that fall off the Main List (Top 25) will be move to the Extended List (Top 50).

Afterwards, extended list levels will move to the legacy list, where no further records can be submitted.

If a list demon is unrated, it will be removed from the list.

Your level MUST be on the 1.6 GDPS servers to be placed on the list!

Levels verified and completions done on the 1.6 GDPS receive a golden color added to their record, as well as rewarded double the listed points.

Demonlist Team

(As of Dec. 23, 2022)

Demonlist Leader - DShifter (DShifter#8452)

Demonlist Moderator - Sariastuff (Sariastuff#0735)

Demonlist Helper - Supershape (Supershapeツ#8848)

Demonlist Helper - WholeLottaDakan (WholeLottaDakan#0746)

Demonlist Helper - BarxJazz (Barxjazz#7076)

Demonlist Helper - Redcrystal (Redcrystal#1219)