This is all the art that I made over all of Winter 2021 - The year where my drawing and art abilities really started to pick up. I'm still no good, but I'm trying! That being said, here's my art this year. Enjoy!


November 1, 2021

Got bored during Stats and started drawing up that Dragon sona idea from a while ago. I still need to work on... everything lmao. Dragon snout shaping, wings, tail design, body coloring, etc. Still don't have a name for him.

November 3, 2021

First one was a couple of bored doodles in Statistics. I started drawing a couple cubes with some lines connecting them, and I couldn't help but see them as a sort of weird starship thing, so I drew some flames coming out of them and Nams riding it. The whiteboard drawings were my response to finding out there was a furry on our middle school robotics team, I couldn't help but leave a little gift for them.

November 9, 2021

Couple of doodles from Statistics out of boredom. I'm proud of the cool and clean side bust of Nammur, not much to say.

November 17, 2021

Some rather large doodles from Government. I can't stand this class because half of it is menial conversational stuff that I don't really have to pay too close of attention to, so I try my best to fill that time with... anything.

November 21, 2021

My attempts to learn and practice drawing Iz's new fursona/character Harvey the Foxdog. She's kinda adorable and fun to draw, in my opinion. I need to get more comfortable drawing her... The drawing with her laying down, smoking weed, was a joke on Iz's habit of vegging out, lighting one up and vibing to some cassette music, lol. The shirt in the side-view drawing is inspired by Iz's favorite artist's (Elliot Smith) album cover for his album "Figure 8".

November 22, 2021

bleps at u very politely... I found a similar image online and decided to copy it with Nammur lol. Also my first time in a while trying to color with colored pencils, for how few colors I have to work with, I think it came out real nice :D

November 23, 2021

Another statistics drawing, got bored during our probability unit. The text says "He drank Mobilk-1 (Mobil-1 Motor Oil and Milk mixed together) and has 32 minutes left to live." I thought it was funny. This is actually the first drawing my stats teacher has actually picked up and looked at, I wonder if he recognized that I'm a furry, or what he thought about it at all...