This page is to help me keep track of the innumerable amount of things I want to do with my time, both with my website and my personal life. Why is this public? Because I don't care, plus I think keeping my list readily available wherever I go is a nice thing to have when I lose focus.

I'll try to keep these in order of "Most Important" or "Most Pressing" at the top, just for my own organization's sake.

"Seize the time... Live now. Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again." -Captain Jean-Luc Picard


  • Finish all my GD projects Almost done with this!
  • Work on my website
  • Learn how to use Blender
  • Go to the local library, sit down, and learn Korean from videos on my phone
  • Go to the park and practice drawing some more
  • Relearn Python for Brittank88 and I's coding sessions
  • Research Laptops for school + hobbies Laptop Reqs: 12+ in. Screen, 4-8gb RAM, 128gb SSD, 2.8Ghz+ CPU Speed


  • (400 x 400px) Music Page: CD Neon Sign Art
  • (400 x 400px) Music Page: Gameboy Neon Sign Art
  • (400 x 400px) Music Page: Nammur with Headphones On Neon Sign Art
  • (500 x 70-100px) Music Page: "DSHIFTER'S MUSIC ROOM" Logo Neon Sign Art (Maybe find a different name? "D's Ravehaus", "D's Soundchamber", etc.)
  • (70-100 x 70-100px (Square)) Music Page: "Go to Homepage" Back Button Neon Sign Art
  • (1920 x 1080px) Not Found Page: Omega holding his head while bluescreening, the text is related to an error being caused, leading you there
  • Birthday Gift For Izzy (by Nov. 25)
  • Drawing of Ozi wearing Omega wrapped around him like a fuzzy protogen coat (dw, he'd be alive)


  • About Me Page
  • Finish Not Found Page
    • It's my protogen bluescreening, holding the sides of his head while looking forward, kinda like the thumbnail of this video but with a stronger emphasis on the head holding
  • Work on the music page
    • Music Hub
    • Page that links to the music I've made
    • Main Hub has a dark brick/alleyway + neon aesthetic, music pages have a gameboy/cd aesthetic accordingly
  • Work on Omega Sona Page
  • Work on Nammur Sona Page
  • Commission Page


Basically, stuff to do with downtime during 1st/4th hour or 2nd-3rd Hours on Fridays:

  • Read more Wings of Fire (Currently at Book 10 of 15)
  • Work on a webpage for Blender Projects
  • 3d model a new case for my old 3DS XL
  • Work on programming, relearning Python for Brittank88
  • Finish my Senior Year without messing classes up lol
  • Prepare for Kettering University
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