This is all the art that I made over all of 2021 - The year where my drawing and art abilities really started to pick up. I'm still no good, but I'm trying! That being said, here's my art this year. Enjoy!


January 12, 2021

Doodle of Omega swinging on a bar by his legs. Made in Chem class, I presume.

January 13, 2021

Got a new drawing tablet for Christmas, finally am starting to break it in after so much time... Made a new emote for myself today, I feel good.

January 16, 2021

I requested Mirage#0499 to draw Nammur, and she did no questions asked. I really like what she did, thank you Mirage!

January 15-16, 2021

I was inspired by how Homestuck characters sit, I thought they were pretty cute so I decided to replicate it. The left is my original final image, then Kinozel recommended I try adding a gaussian blur to at least the glow to make it look better. I applied it to all the glow, some of the shine/shade stuff, and the background, and goddamn it looks so much better. I'm proud of this one. I'm thinking of drawing a Lucario or Tyranitar next...

January 17, 2021

Sketches of my favorite 6 pokemon in terms of design and competitive ability, that didn't get very far after this.

January 25, 2021

CAD Models of various items for a project I did in my PLTW Intro to Engineering class, where I had to ask my given person about hobbies and things they liked and make a couple 3d models accordingly. I think the guitar was for a different project to be completely frank, though it's developed enough to (and I'm too lazy to not) group together into one category.

January 29, 2021

hehe probojen tung go blaaaarg ... Anyway, Aleximine drew this alongside some other shitposty art for a bunch of us in his server, and I find this so funny I can't stop looking at it lmao. This isn't quite a joke art either, Omega really does, canonically, have a 25 foot long tongue that he uses for various things. >w> Thank you Hex for drawing a masterpiece yet again!


February 2, 2021

Snep cat I drew in... I think Chemistry? I don't know, it's been a while. A meme doodle.

February 25, 2021

">Felt like drawing again for the first time in forever, did all of these in my Chem class as usual. However, the three in pen are the only ones I made today, I made the other two a while ago... I want to give a brief explanation for each of these doodles (heh let's make this mega upload even more mega), so, withother further ado, here we go:

OmegaSittOrigins was a concept idea for the OmegaSitt emote I made way back in January, I guess I never bothered to use it as a base sketch when redrawing the emote, because this one looks much cuter than the emote lol.
PlasmaGun is... a plasma gun sketch. I was trying to go for a more Portal-esque design with it, I missed the mark and I knew I did back when I made it. It looks more like a tazer than a plasma gun... But, still kinda cool, might use it in game development if I can ever get my ass to learn code lmao.

BirdogenConcept was an idea I literally drempt up last night, it was actually originally just Omega with a weird spiky, gold set of "teeth" like Captain Ax-Hand Morgan's mouthcage thing (from the early arcs of One Piece, also the only way I can think to describe it at the moment), however, when I started drawing it, it amalgamated into a fluffy, feathery, bird protogen creature and I just thought "fuck it" and rolled with it. I obvously messed up the one part I wanted to really draw so you can probably see why I took it in a different direction. Still kinda cool though.

OmegaComplain was supposed to be a real basic sketch of Omega saying "BOI" but when I took the picture I thought the face looked a bit more upset than that, so OmegaComplain it is.

IzOutside, today's masterpiece, comes from the heart: I've recently been grounded from using the internet at home because because, so I haven't been able to contact my online friends for about just over a week and a half. Needless to say I've been thinking about them a lot and my dearest Iz is the one I've been thinking about the most, so I drew her sheep sona Mara from memory, and almost-fullbody for the first time, just to kinda put my thoughts/feelings about her into some physical form. Originally it was just going to be her saying Hi, but then I messed up the feet so I decided to morph the entire image to how it looks now, which, it looks a ton better. I made the door and the wall a bit too dark, and I drew her arms a tad too short and messed up the hair slightly, but hey I guess it adds to the wintery, terrible-snowstormy setting of the drawing.

God I miss you guys.
I keep surprising myself with my skill at drawing/doodling with a pen, you think I should do that more often? Haha, you're just a reader, you can't respond to that.

February 25, 2021

Hell, I'll upload more doodles from Chemistry because why not. These three are from the same paper, a page of notes back a few weeks, from when we were doing stuff with converting units to Moles and back.

OmegaOziSunrise is a little doodle of silhouettes of Omega and his lizard fren Ozi sitting atop a mountain/rock mound and watching a (very stylized) sun rise above a forest. Yes, Ozi is that tall even compared to Omega standing.

Poggersgen is self-explanatory, tried pencil shading a bit and I think I did okay with it, though his ears look like ears of corn lmao. The slight outlight I have around him was another idea if I wanted to turn it into an emote or sticker or something.

NammurRPG was a rather abstract idea, it's just Nammur kneeling, holding an RPG, nothing much to it. Sorry for the shitty quality, it's really lightly drawn on the paper too and I don't want to ruin the quality it's in...

February 27, 2021

I made Poggersgen into an emote, and messed around with layering and blurring a bit. Now I know how people make their outlines and colors-near-outlines so oily/acrylic-looking, they just duplicate the outlines and apply a light gaussian blur to it lmao. I'll make some more digital stuff later today too, so I'll be back later to post more.

February 27, 2021

Said I'd make some more, lol. I decided to take another thorough crack at making another psychedelic background/effects, I find them really fun to make, and they're super easy, unfortunately they take forever to make because most of that time is spent mixing and matching different colors and layer filters and blur strengths - but I think it turned out okay. I'm still getting used to how I want to draw his glow, I still like it intense but I keep changing the method of how I go about it each time I draw. Ah well.

February 28, 2021

A meme idea that popped into the head while I was waking up, just now had the urge to draw it. I think my mind was thinking back to one of my friends reacting "CURSED VISOR" to the OmegaComplain drawing, and drawing Omega as a handheld vacuum cleaner was what I thought was a good idea. Lmao. It's super wide, so idk if it'll look good on my page...


March 3, 2021

TALL SNEP, a meme doodle

March 4, 2021

To break in my new sketchbook, I drew Omega. Not much to it... I really like the fur I drew, it was interesting to try some new techniques for sketching small tufts of fur lining all over him. I mostly free-handed this except for his arms, which I drew rough ovals to line up. Not much to say I guess.

March 5, 2021

"Psyche Peaks" - A shitpost of random scribbles from different brushes I was trying turned into, well, something. A rather interpretive piece, I'll let you come up with your own deep thoughts about it. I meant to work on something else but this sparked me instead. Such is the nature of drawing I guess, lol.

March 9, 2021

Got bored during a zoom call during Chemistry (our Chem teacher's son had to be quarantined, so by proxy he had to too, so he does zoom calls to give instruction), so I drew some to pass the time. I'm slacking on knowing how to shade so I gave it a whirl on the notes sheet he had printed for us. I drew chains, Omega, my new "artist signature", and a cartoony version of Omega and a new character linked to Omega.

March 14, 2021

Unsure if it was this date or some other date, but I was feeling hyper and anxious and I made a bit of sloppy art to express this with a server I frequented. I actually work a gaiter mask over my hair to keep it out of my eyes as I cleaned my room, so I added this in to the drawing too.

March 20, 2021

Various sketches from my sketchbook over the past couple weeks, I haven't gotten a chance to take actually good photos of my sketches so here they are now, in order of how I drew them in my sketchbook. Anyway, just uploading them here because why not.

March 20, 2021

Some quick commissions for some friends of my cousin, drawn up in 60 minutes (Astralaria) and 45 minutes (Khaye).

March 21, 2021

Some quick sketches I made today, my friend Izzy sent me a sketch of a fox character she was trying to draw, and I decided to draw over it to try and correct a small perspective issue she had in it. She was impressed with the hair, so I tried a more funky, "high" hairstyle and she seemed to like it too. In the same vein of funky and proper hair, I drew a couple funky sketches of Nammur afflicted with the same groovy hairstyles. I got a kick out of drawing these four, I really like how I drew them.

March 22, 2021

(Description written as of March 4, 2021, meant to get this picture uploaded back then but I didn't have a camera I could take into school with me until now.)

As a lab in Chemistry Class, we made Prussian Blue dye using Iron(III) Sulfate and Hexacyanoferrate(II) (I think, I need to check my notes again) over the course of yesterday and today, and today we ground the dye with a little bit of linseed oil and a couple drops of turpentine to create a nice, deep blue Prussian Blue dye. And so today, we got to draw a picture with our dye, and I decided to try my best to draw Nammur with my limited skills with paint. Because I tend to be pretty shit with paintbrushes, I decided to make the fur look shaggy and fluffy, to mask my inability to actually draw straight lines with paint... which, adds to his look nicely. I was impressed with the thin, large tree my lab partner drew: if this were an art contest, he'd beat me hands-down, and I'd totally agree. Anyway, hope you guys like it.

March 30 - April 2, 2021

These were made for the home page of my website! Made these myself using SAI2 and various preset brushes and shit within it. I used to help with modifying the background image a bit, but in retrospect it could have been done the same in SAI2. For the site logo and the Omega Popout images, I actually have a second image laid over them that rotate through colors and opacity (respectively) to give them their effects, but I don't see it as important enough to show here.


April 5-6, 2021

These last two mornings, I've been feeling real low and real stressed out and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm definitely reflecting that something's off through these pieces, though. Maybe I'm stressed because I'm back to school after a week-long break? Maybe it's because I have to drive my brother to school now that he's not quarantined anymore? Maybe it's because I'm becoming increasingly more worried about my close friend Brittank88 and his depression? I don't really know... The On The Floor piece is more realistic than the other two, as I actually have passed out sprawled out on my bedroom floor numerous times, very similarly to the pose I have him in here. Whatever the matter, I made these to practice anatomy in "dynamic" situations, I think I did okay this time around.

April 6, 2021

These last two mornings, I've been feeling real low and real stressed out and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm definitely reflecting that something's off through these pieces, though. Maybe I'm stressed because I'm back to school after a week-long break? Maybe it's because I have to drive my brother to school now that he's not quarantined anymore? Maybe it's because I'm becoming increasingly more worried about my close friend Brittank88 and his depression? I don't really know... The On The Floor piece is more realistic than the other two, as I actually have passed out sprawled out on my bedroom floor numerous times, very similarly to the pose I have him in here. Whatever the matter, I made these to practice anatomy in "dynamic" situations, I think I did okay this time around.

April 10, 2021 - Created February-April, 2021

I met a rich guy through MVM on TF2, and I made friends with him enough that he offered to buy me a couple drawings of Omega from his artist girlfriend, Angellsview, and I couldn't have been more thankful. Thank you, DatRandomFur and Angellsview, for giving me art! I really appreciate them. :D I have no idea how much he paid for them though...

April 15, 2021

Was really tired and felt like doing a bit of drawing before bed. I feel like my creative abilities are starting to abstract in such a way where I don't really have to follow a set pattern or rule or any sort of embarrassment that would prevent me from trying something new. Goofy shit, references and ideas, all sorts of things here.

April 17, 2021

SNEP DANCE -- Hex wanted me to try drawing his Sneppo as that hampsterdance cat gif, so here it is.

April 26-27, 2021

I'm gonna try and start a new series of art where I create tiny drawings of whatever using a pen and whatever scraps of paper or cardboard I come across during work, and then drawing on it line by line over time during whenever I have downtime to create a finished artpiece over time. I guess I wanted to try this since my work takes up the entirety of my evenings Monday through Thursday, so any downtime I can put towards drawing is downtime worth spent. This one here is a simple portrait of Nammur I made over the last two days, with a variety of patterns in the background. I completed this one at about 7:45pm today.


May 1, 2021

Commissioned from WhispDerg! Cost me $3. I wanted an emote for Nammur, and I think it looks so cute. Thank you Whisp!

May 4, 2021

I was messing around with Limacons in Desmos, and made some art on accident lol. Dedicated to my first follower, Maggy Hue! Sorry my mouse is in the way, the way my Chromebook takes screenshots, it includes the mouse where I have to click the "Capture" button so there isn't anything I can do about it. Here's the link to this graph:

May 4, 2021

Random in-class doodle. I assume this was made in Chem.

April 27 - May 10, 2021 - Posted May 12, 2021

Nameplate thingies I doodled up, one for both of my sonas, on each side of a cardboard scrap I pulled off of a pile of boxes. I'm not sure what I want to draw next, I'll probably start a new one today or next week. Maybe practicing anatomy/structuring a body?

May 12-14, 2021 - Posted May 15, 2021

My friend Tommy/Swirl suggested the idea of Omega to wear a translucent dress and some gold jewelry (like crossdressing, he said), and I absolutely loved the idea so I decided to draw it, to practice anatomy and get back into my groove of drawing in my sketchbook. Obviously, I went all in with the jewelry, giving all limbs and features some amount of it, hehe. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from a lot of my friends about both the concept in general and how well I've gotten with drawing anatomy, so I guess I'm doing something right, lol. After I practice some more anatomy and figure out how to draw Swirl, I'm planning on drawing some rather... questionable, other drawings of Omega in the dress and Swirl. I dunno if I'll post that here at all, or if I'll create a dedicated page for that type of stuff...

May 19, 2021

Hex was developing the concept of Snepsi, a Snep-created product within his headcanon world, and I thought doodling up a little Snepsi Stand would be funny.

May 20, 2021

A WIP Reference about my 3rd sona, a female protogen named Delta. She's the slightly older sister of Omega's, taller at 7'9 compared to his 7'2, and loves to cook... a bit too much. Never got around to finishing this reference, though with the one I made much later, I don't think I need to.

May 26, 2021

More commissions from Kinozel, part of the few emotes that I paid him to make. He only got around to making them now. I really like them! I edited NammurFuck to create the latter 3 emotes.


June 1, 2021

Doodle of Nammur Doodling at his desk. Made in chemistry.

June 15, 2021

The boys standing firm and displeased with your actions. Your social credit score with them has taken a nosedive. Good Luck.

June 17, 2021

A couple sketches that I made during a visit to the local park. Dedicated most of my time to practicing drawing my friend's sona Hex.

June 18, 2021

Drew a bust of Nammur next to the one of Omega. Tried drawing fabric clothing.

June 19, 2021

Practiced Avali anatomy since I wanted to try making an Avali sona, though those plans have sorta fallen through. I went on to draw Mara twice and Nams hugging her which promptly ended my drawing session since that sent me into tears like a fucking bitch. lol


July 11-21, 2021

Various Drawings I made while away at extended family for work. Enjoy! P.S. I'm too lazy to split these into their own categories since they were all made in a series.

July 22, 2021

Went to a watercoloring class with my Aunt and we both had a ton of fun. I like how my dock and sunset came out... I still have the painting framed up on my desk!


August 8, 2021

Was thinking about my friend Iz a lot this day, so I doodled our sonas hugging, or somewhat close to it. He's more of just holding her. Was still down with extended family by this day.

August 15, 2021

Stencils and shit for my high school parking lot. Yeah, our school lets seniors pay for and paint our own parking lot. Apparently, as I've been told, most schools don't do that?

August 20, 2021

I was feeling like shit one night so I drew up the Nammur being all buff and yelling at someone/me. The bookmark I drew because I wanted a bokmark for my Wings of Fire books that had some cool detail.

August 21, 2021

A cool dude from the 1.6 GDPS Server, Raspoza, made me a new pfp because he was bored. Thank you Raspoza!

August 30, 2021

It was his birthday today, so I sketched up a little doodle of Delta hugging Hoovy up tight. Hoovy likes his motherly girls, I guess.


September 8, 2021

Doodles of Nammur and Omega in Statistics. Iz praised me for how I drew Nammur this time, I was excited. Short and blase description, I know, I don't care.

September 8, 2021

Tried starting a Blender course so I could learn more fluid, organic 3d modelling. Going poorly right now, have had no time to follow up on this endeavor.

September 13, 2021

I really wanted to practice drawing hand and finger anatomy, so I looked up a few video tutorials and started hammering away at it. I think I did okay so far.

September 18, 2021

Did my community service hours at the local Heritage Festival, and went over to the Varisty Cheer tent and started chatting up some of the fine people there. They had a little scratch-drawing booth set up and they begged me to come draw, so I drew what I knew best. They were really impressed with how I drew, which made me feel good about myself. Though, there's a ton of imperfections with my outlines, I doubt the casual observer would care.