DShifter's Place

I like to make pixel art, and here's where I'll dump it all. They're posted in chronological order to how I made them, with the ones toward the top left being the most recent.

June 18, 2020 - Omega Background for my phone. I used my Screen Resolution Finder to find the screen size of my phone, then made the image in a resolution 3 times that. Would have completed this last night but I got distracted. >w> Attempted glow/shading because I need to practice it.

June 17, 2020 - Used that Krita program again, this piece took me 4 hours and I only used mouse. I think it turned out okay, but the hands still irk me. I still can't fucking make hands, I should figure that out sometime. Dedicated to Izzy J.

May 10, 2020 - I tried this art software Krita that my friend Iz recommended me. I was new to it, so I made some dumbass mistakes like using the eraser to clean up lines where I should have just done it right in the first place. I don't have a drawing tablet (I want one) so I had to make this with a mouse. Base is 1600x1200. I also have this as the background on my 3ds's Homebrew ORGANIZ3R file manager. Fun fun.

Sometime right before 5/10/20 - Another series of 3ds drawings. I only had black, red, and blue to work with so I tried my best to make something interesting with the tools I had. I'm so glad I've switched to Krita. The "Wackman" was initially an attempt at drawing my friend Iz's sona, but it turned into something else because I'm not good at drawing wolf "jowls" on a small-ass 3ds screen.

Sometime right before 5/10/20 - I really wanted to draw and was grounded at the time because my dad doesn't know how to do anything but punish and take my shit so I took to my 3ds's Note program and started drawing.

5/4/20 - My friend Iz drew my Protogen sona, Omega, for fun. I still really appreciate her making this, it was just so out of the blue. I guess I have a right to post it here...

I got bored yesterday (March 22,2020) so I decided to make myself a new profile picture. I'm trying a new 2px brush style, I think it looks good. Base is 128x128

Who says gaming can't be art? On Geometry Dash, I made this amalgamation of Tartarus by Riot but decorated as Deviant by my friend Savic as a joke, then I cropped it so it can be my PC background. She found it as funny as I did.

I main Game and Watch on all Smash games with him, so I decided to make this to commemorate my dedication to this guy.

I was making pins for my robotics team so I decided to take a template and make some of my own.

A pfp/free commission for comelycvnt on the Discord server I frequent. Base is 64x64.

A pfp meant as a birthday gift for Krma, a long-time friend. Base is 64x64.

A pfp for Vamps13 on the Discord server I frequent. Base is 32x32.

Another, slightly lesser quality pfp for SGYK??? (Buzz), a friend. Base is 32x32.

A pfp for me, DShifter. Base is 48x48.

A pfp (profile picture) for Haggets, a good friend. Base is 32x32.

My second. I went for bricks with a small palette set, but it just doesn't look very good. Each block is 16x16.

My first pixel art. Just a test of what I could make. I think I did pretty well on a grassy/dirt tileset.